At 3 p.m. on Wednesday, May 15, join us in a collective mental health break.


In a recent survey, 95% of employees agreed that taking a mental health day would improve their performance at work, but only 28% of them felt comfortable requesting time off.

It’s a major issue—but one that we can solve together.

That’s why we’re launching the first-ever National Mental Health Break.

Companies that encourage their team to take a half day or even just 10 minutes to breathe, is a chance to remove the stigma around prioritizing your mental health at work. We can be ambitious and take care.


Join us in removing the stigma around mental health days.

The number one thing employees say would help them feel more comfortable taking a mental health day is encouragement from company leadership.

Support National Mental Health Break and show your employees that prioritizing themselves isn’t just an option—it’s crucial.

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